Work-Life Balance – Who You Are vs. What You Do

I probably spend at least half of my work week, every week, creating fresh copy for health and wellness coaches: including website copy, expert articles, blog posts, eBooks and mini-eBooks. The subjects range from simple nutrition advice and weight loss tips, to more complex subjects like finding a work/life balance.

Needless to say, with so many varied personalities and perspectives influencing the copy I create, my greatest challenge is to create compelling copy that conforms to the beliefs and practices of my clients – even when my own may conflict. (The fact that I am able to do this is the reason I stay busy.)

However, I do have my own beliefs about some of the more abstract subjects I’m asked to write about and, just because I can, here is what I believe about finding a comfortable balance between work and life.

How your work defines you

Do you understand the difference between “What you do” and “Who you are”? No? Would you like to know why?

It’s because there IS no difference. In fact, what you do IS who you are!

Far too many people today struggle for “balance” in their lives, making the mistake of believing that “Who they are as a person” has nothing to do with what they “do” for a living. This leads to disorientation and a sense of internal conflict. Known as cognitive dissonance, this internal conflict is created when your beliefs do not conform to reality.

It’s my belief that we all know intuitively that what we choose to do for a living reflects perfectly who we are inside. Claiming to be “better” than your behavior indicates is a false premise; while claiming that who you are, or wish to be, is different from the things you do every day can only lead to emotional conflict.

Since your actions are a direct reflection of “Who you really are,” claiming to be something else is disingenuous at best, and misleading at worst; not only to others, but also to yourself.

If you’re in emotional turmoil because your actions do not reflect who you “really” are, or believe yourself to be – or wish to be, then you must either change your actions – or your beliefs. Otherwise, you’ll remain in eternal conflict with yourself and will never resolve the issues that are causing you so much pain.

Knowing yourself, and behaving accordingly, is the only way to find balance in life, regardless of the work you do or the person you “believe” yourself to be. Instead, make sure that what you CHOOSE to do for a living reflects who you are and AFFIRMS the things you believe in. If you can do this, you’ll be far, far happier for it, believe me.


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