Video Creation – Add Punch, Color & Personality

Add Punch, Color & Personality to Any Media Creation

Do you use Explaindio to create video content?

Do you create videos for your own website?

Do you create videos for others?

Video Designer’s Tip: Did you know that in Explaindio you can pair the right background with the right overlay elements, and include your text, sketch images, or other personal assets, and you’ve got yourself a really beautiful finished video with plenty of style and color. AND at super-fast speeds. When you utilize these feature together, something magical happens with very little work on your part.

Now available from Video Marketing Guru Andrea Kalli


The Designer Media Assets Kit

“Created specifically to quickly enhance your Explaindio sketch scenes with rapid video development in designer styles. But you can use these in many more ways.” ~ Andrea Kalli

Save time, effort, and frustration with these media creation enhancements!

Here’s what you get in a nutshell.

This is a $230 value – Available for JUST $27.00!

  • 860 Background PNG images that I would normally sell for $75.
  • 105 Call-to-Action Text Cutout PNG images that would normally sell for $25.
  • 70 Collage-style Background PNG images that would normally sell for $25.
  • 50 Abstract Star/Flower PNG graphics and backgrounds that would normally sell for $20.
  • 84 Stripe Background PNG images (30 of them have transparent centers) that would normally sell for $25.
  • 356 Decorative Overlay PNG graphic elements that would normally sell for $35.
  • 171 Designer Rectangle Frame PNG and SVG elements that would normally sell for $20.
  • 6 Hand-drawn Horizontal Divider sketches in SVG that would normally sell for $5.

BONUS ITEMS JUST ADDED: 3 of my new Cutout Collections. These have transparencies so what’s underneath shows through parts of the image. You’ll get the set of 39 3-Dot Cutout Overlays, the set of 18 Layered Arrow Cutout Overlays, the set of 9 Colorful Lower Third Cutout Overlays, and the set of 35 Image Blinder Cutout Overlays.

For more information on how great this new product is – or to BUY right now – go here!


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