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Online Marketing Tips – Content

If you are just entering the world of online marketing, or even if you’ve already been online for years, you likely find yourself in a very competitive marketplace. Becoming successful in such an environment is a daunting task at best, and overwhelmingly impossible at worst. While it is impossible to guarantee success in online marketing, these Online Marketing Tips should be helpful to you in promoting your site, your product or service, even yourself.

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Blog Content – “Your” is not “You’re”

Generate well-written blog content

Nothing will kill your blog more quickly than poorly written content. Spelling errors, grammar mistakes, poor diction, and typos will make you seem unprofessional and, yes, ignorant. When it comes to writing, mistakes will have a powerful negative effect on even the best blog content. Well-written blog content adds to the impression that you know and understand what you are talking about, enhancing your reputation as an expert in your field, while poorly written blog content will do exactly the opposite.

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High Praise for SEO Writer Pro Blog Writing Services

Wow, we just received a wonderful new testimonial from a client. After receiving the first draft of the first blog post we wrote for her, she was very complimentary about the job we did for her. We write for quite a few people in the “professions,” and have never had a complaint – just praise for the way we communicate ideas for them.

Thank you BF…

“What an awesome job you did! I [made a copy of your draft] thinking that I would be making changes, but there is nothing that needs changing. I had my husband read it to gauge a non-therapists/average person reaction. He thought it was great, and said he thinks it’s the best thing on my website. Can’t tell you how pleased I am and happy that I found you. I put off doing this for a long time, primarily because I worried that someone who is not a therapist would not be able to write something I could use. I’ve always thought of blogs as superficial fluff but this actually is informative and helpful. Part of my struggle is that, having been a therapist for 20+ years, I tend to just assume that everyone knows this stuff. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Really hopeful that this will help with the Google Gods and getting new clients.” ~ BF, Licensed Psychotherapist

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SEO Article Package 10-Pack Special

Are you too “burned-out” to do your own content writing?

Would you like some help creating fresh blog posts for your website or blogsite?

Does 3 months of blog posts, at one low price, sound like a good deal?

By now, more than half way through the year, many of us feel like we’ve already burned too many brain cells to continue creating fresh content for our blogs. Well, that’s why we’re here – to help you generate timely content when you need it the most – and – at a Special Price.

Check out the list of client niches for which we write regularly.

At SEO Writer Pro, we offer a package of 10 optimized blog posts, on any subject you choose, for just $450.

Special Price $299! That’s a 33% savings for 10 optimized blog posts, available for an extremely limited time.

You will receive:

  • 10 Optimized Blog Posts on Subjects you choose
  • Each post of 350-500 words
  • Blog posts with 1-3 keywords each
  • Timely, well-written content for your blog or website
  • 2-3 fresh blog posts per week, until complete

Of course, we do need a little bit of help from you. We will send you a short form with a few questions that we will ask you to return in a timely fashion; one outline for each post.

Here is what we need from you:

  • 10 subjects
  • 1-3 keywords per subject
  • That’s it!

We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you to acquire all the copy you need for the next few months. If you have any questions about this offer, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

  • First come, first served, so hurry and order today!

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[wp_eStore_buy_now_fancy id=25]

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Website Copywriting – Why You Should Outsource Your Copywriting

There are times when every expert, in any field, loses sight of the big picture, focusing instead on the details that can make being an expert so much fun. But, if you’re trying to create copy for a website, does all the stuff you know about the intricate workings of your niche benefit your reader – or make them want to buy from you? Probably not…

In fact, if you’re looking at the trees while your audience is checking out the forest, you’ve already lost them – and you’re likely to never get them back.

Web copy is for your audience – not the search engines

If you were to perform a Google search for the phrase “why you should outsource copywriting,” you’ll discover an incredible mix of copywriting experts who will list a broad range of benefits found in outsourcing: from saving time and money to maximizing the SEO value of your content, and more. While these things are certainly important, very few of these so-called “copywriting experts,” who will of course also offer you their “expert” services, will mention your audience; the actual people who will read the copy on your website.

You see, web copy that appeals to the search engines is one thing, but web copy that appeals to your visitor is quite another. It is also far more valuable; for, what is the point of generating traffic to your website if your visitors do not buy from you?

Ultimately, since no search engine will ever buy anything from your website, your website copy must appeal to the reader; the person you hope to convert to a paying customer. Your copy must outline the benefits of doing business with you. It must answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” Otherwise, no matter how many “click-throughs” you receive from Google, Bing, or Yahoo, your efforts are wasted and your web copy has failed.

As a self-identified expert in your niche, it is your job to use your website copy to describe to your visitors exactly how they will profit from doing business with you – nothing more – and nothing less. That is how you create conversions. That is how you turn lookers into buyers. That is how your web copy benefits you, and your visitors.

Not by showing off how smart you are. Not by displaying esoteric knowledge. Not through sharing obscure facts or trivia.

Hire a website copywriter who focuses on your customer

While it’s always nice to see your website well ranked on the search results page, which can be a real ego-boost, it’s ultimately meaningless if you’re not making sales. By creating copy that compels your visitors to buy, rather than writing for the search engines, a professional copywriter becomes one of your most valuable assets; an investment in your business that creates a real return – in cash – rather than merely generating interest.

By hiring a website copywriter who creates copy for your web pages that appeals to your target audience, as well as the search engines, you avoid throwing good money after bad; keeping the focus where it belongs – on the needs of your customer.

Now, because we are also a professional website copywriting service, it’s time to let you know what we can do for you – to help you build traffic and make the sales you’re looking for. Simply follow this link to discover more about our Website Copywriting Packages, offered at Special Pricing for a limited time.

Read what our clients have to say about our Web Copywriting Services.

Wondering if we can write effectively for your niche? Check out our List of Current Clients here.

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For Whom Do We Create Online Content?

SEO Writer Pro is a content creation service, providing original, well-written, timely content for website and blog owners who, for one reason or another, are unable to create high quality content for themselves.

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SEO Writer Pro Receives Stunning Testimonial

I was stunned and delighted by the testimonial we recently received from Andrea Kalli, Virtual Assistant, and VA Classroom Instructor. What a great recommendation she gave us.

It was clear she liked the content we produced for her, she continues to use us after all, but this was more than anyone could hope for. Working for, and with, people like Andrea is just one of the great benefits of doing what we do. In fact, she was the inspiration for beginning SEO Writer Pro. Thank you Andrea…you are the best.

I have been using Richard at SEO Writer Pro to help write SEO content for my various business websites for over a year now. From blog content, to website pages, to press releases, Richard has never once disappointed me with his high quality and search optimized content that has been instrumental in my rise in the Google search results.

A recent project I assigned to him was the complete blog content for a brand new website I was launching. 30-50 blog posts in a topic he was not an expert in. His research in the topic and the SEO/keyword targeted blog post content he provided has been spot on AND the content is quickly rising to the top of Google’s search results pages after only a few weeks of being published. That’s what the right optimized content does for you.

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Article Pack Bundles from the SEO Writer Pro Article Store

Article Pack Bundles

The SEO Writer Pro Article Store is offering a great deal on our Article Packs this holiday season by creating Special Article Pack Bundles.

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SEO Writer Pro Article Store!!!

SEO Writer Pro Article Store!!!

seo writer pro article store

Here you will find pre-written articles on a variety of subjects which interest us – or which we think you will find interesting. Each article is sold “As-Is,” with no revisions. But, you own the article.

==>Only one copy of each article will be sold.<==

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Online Content Writing Service Jumps in Google Rank

Online Content Writing Service Jumps in Google Rank
for SEO Writer Pro – Your Online Content Partner

online content

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