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eBook Marketing Experiment Proves Valuable – And Educational

Recently, my friend and online business mentor Andrea Kalli and I began an experiment in eBook marketing. We chose to use an existing eBook, one which I had written about a year-and-a-half ago about bicycles and cycling. The book was written to help folks overcome the fear and confusion that many experience when buying a bicycle these days. My ultimate goal however, was to help new and returning cyclists to get over their resistance and rediscover the joy of cycling that all of us experienced as children.

bicycle book

Originally, I had placed the book for sale on my bicycle rebuilding website, Mile-Hi Cycle Guy, as well as on my Mile-Hi Cycle Guy Facebook Page where, if you “Liked” the page, you received a free excerpt from the book. We even went so far as to create a Facebook Page for the book itself. The end result of all this creative thinking and hard work was – nothing! We gave away about 100 excerpts and sold not a single eBook!

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