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Build Traffic – Online Marketing Tips for Your Blog or Web Content

There are two key elements required if you wish to build traffic to your blog or website, and both are dependent on the content you create. First, the search engines must find you so that, second, the readers will follow.

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Online Marketing Tips – Content

If you are just entering the world of online marketing, or even if you’ve already been online for years, you likely find yourself in a very competitive marketplace. Becoming successful in such an environment is a daunting task at best, and overwhelmingly impossible at worst. While it is impossible to guarantee success in online marketing, these Online Marketing Tips should be helpful to you in promoting your site, your product or service, even yourself.

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Email Templates for Coaches – New Product Introduction!

Attn: Coaches – Boost Client Acquisition and Increase Client Retention

Here at SEO Writer Pro, we work with a variety of coaches, both emerging coaches and established coaches. One of the their biggest complaints is the time it takes them to communicate with established and potential clients, using email to stay in touch and/or support them. As a result, we have created a series of 18 Email Templates for Coaches, to help any coach to better communicate with potential and actual clients.

Use this Nurture Campaign as an Extension of your Coaching Sessions

With a few minor changes, these 18 email templates can be used for any type of coaching business:

  • Business Coaches
  • Personal Coaches
  • Career Coaches
  • Health & Wellness Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Nutrition Coaches

As a busy coach, these templates will save you time and frustration, allowing you to focus your time more effectively on running your coaching business and working with clients.

Just Imagine the Time you’ll Save with these Email Templates!

Use these email templates to offer ongoing SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT, and to keep your clients COMMITTED, MOTIVATED, and ENGAGED. By communicating in this way, you will improve client retention, despite any problems that may develop. Don’t allow your client to get bored or frustrated. Don’t allow your client to quit on you before they complete your Coaching Program. Use these positive reinforcement tools to enhance their commitment to you, and to your Coaching Program.

Successful Coaching requires Effective Communication Tools

Here is what you will receive in the Email Templates for Coaches Package:

  • Email Follow-up Templates for Successful Coaching Sessions (6 emails)
  • Email Follow-up Templates for Problematic Coaching Sessions (4 emails)
  • Autoresponder Email Templates (8 emails)
    • Template 1: Thank You for Signing Up
    • Template 2: Thank You for Opting-In
    • Template 3: Here is Your FREE Gift
    • Template 4: Renewal Notice
    • Template 5: Thank You for Renewing
    • Template 6: Testimonial Request1
    • Template 6: Testimonial Request2
    • Template 8: Thanks for your Testimonial

With the Email Templates for Coaches Package, everything is Done-for-You. Simply upload the emails to your Autoresponder service and you’re done!

New Product Introduction Price… $297.00
Go Here to Learn More or to ORDER NOW!

Regular Price… $350.00

Here is a Sample of the template used for a Problematic Business Coaching Session, with instructions for use. (Click to enlarge.)

Email Template - PROBLEMS

Here is a Sample of the template used for a Successful Business Coaching Session, with instructions for use. (Click to enlarge.)

Email Template - SUCCESS[wp_eStore_fancy:product_id:37:end]

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Free eBook Promotion Begins the New Year

Well, we are right in the middle of another eBook marketing experiment – literally right in the middle, since the Free eBook Promotion runs from January 2nd – 4th. We are once again promoting the Cycling eBook I wrote, titled, “Rediscover your Joy with Bicycles and Cycling.” The book is available as a free download from the Kindle Store during those three days.

We figure it’s a great way to help folks who received a new bike for Christmas, and to also a way to get our name out there again during a slow time of year for cycling products. it also helps us to promote our cycling website, Mile-Hi Cycle Guy.

Kindle eBook Promotion Case Study

The last time we did this Promotion, during a large professional bicycle race in Colorado last August, we gave away nearly 500 eBooks. Better than that however; we also proceeded to sell about 100 of the books following the promotion!

Here are a couple of things we learned from the first promotion, things I’m working to improve for this one …

  • Giving stuff away takes work – Just making something free is not enough. You have to let people know that you have something they may be interested in using. In fact, I am/will be spending about 2-3 hours a day during the 3-day promo just letting people know the eBook is available at no charge.
  • Post to your website or blog every day of the promotion – To remind everyone your eBook is available for FREE, and to notify new visitors to your website or blog. You really can’t expect your entire audience to see it the first time.
  • Post a teaser to your blog or website – At least two days in advance of the promotion. Don’t give away too much information, just let your readers know that something cool is on the way and ask them to check back to find out what it is.
  • Post to Social Media 2-3 times a day – each day – of the promotion – To engage interest and promote sharing of the information. Your Facebook friends, as well as fans of your page, are the most effective way to get the word out.
  • Use Press Releases daily – We are using a free PR service, PRLog. Why? Because we are cheap that’s why. Hey, I’m giving stuff away here. I don’t want to have to pay for the privilege too.
  • Follow up on any complaints about problems downloading the eBook – We actually had a problem this morning, the very first day of the promotion. A gentleman posted to our Facebook page that he was unable to download the eBook and, after trying for 15 minutes, he quit trying. I advised him to close and reopen his browser and try again and – it worked! He is now a happy camper.
  • Update the text, if applicable – Which is something we did a while ago by adding a couple of Bonus Chapters, essentially links to important cycling information. But, just before the promotion, I also went in and reworked a few chapters, adding information and editing out of date info. Everything changes, right? Just because you’re giving it away doesn’t mean you can’t offer value by keeping the text up to date.

The most important thing I learned from the first free eBook promotion was this – COMMIT TO IT! if you’re going to do it anyway, go ahead and do it right. Spend the time each day of the promotion to keep interest high among potential readers. It takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

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SEO Writer Pro Receives Stunning Testimonial

I was stunned and delighted by the testimonial we recently received from Andrea Kalli, Virtual Assistant, and VA Classroom Instructor. What a great recommendation she gave us.

It was clear she liked the content we produced for her, she continues to use us after all, but this was more than anyone could hope for. Working for, and with, people like Andrea is just one of the great benefits of doing what we do. In fact, she was the inspiration for beginning SEO Writer Pro. Thank you Andrea…you are the best.

I have been using Richard at SEO Writer Pro to help write SEO content for my various business websites for over a year now. From blog content, to website pages, to press releases, Richard has never once disappointed me with his high quality and search optimized content that has been instrumental in my rise in the Google search results.

A recent project I assigned to him was the complete blog content for a brand new website I was launching. 30-50 blog posts in a topic he was not an expert in. His research in the topic and the SEO/keyword targeted blog post content he provided has been spot on AND the content is quickly rising to the top of Google’s search results pages after only a few weeks of being published. That’s what the right optimized content does for you.

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Generate Traffic – 6 Best Practices to Generate Traffic Online

generate traffic

Every marketer wants more eyes on their ads, and more customers ordering their products. In the offline world, advertisers invest in huge media spending with mass advertising purchases. In the online world, it is the Wild West for marketers, with small businesses, major corporations, and independent marketers all competing for the same space – and the same dollars.

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Grow Sales – Online Marketing Tips for your Blog or Website

Grow Sales with these Online Marketing Tips 

grow sales

For your online marketing enterprise to succeed you must, of course, grow sales. To do this you must build traffic. To grow traffic you must be found, first by the search engines, then by your prospective customer. It almost goes without saying that these are the goals of every online marketer; yet accomplishing this is easier said than done.

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