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The online content we create for you at SEO Writer Pro is Guaranteed to be Original, Well-Written, and Rich in Keywords and Keyword Phrases. Whether your goal is to simply fill your blog with fresh content, to re-purpose your own content, or to generate traffic from relevant, timely, well-written SEO content, as your Online Content Partner we will use our talent, knowledge, and experience to help you reach your goals.

Beyond these basic elements of our article writing services, we also offer an array of Unique Writing Services; including Individualized, High-Impact Sales Pages, eBook Construction and Writing, Editing and Proofreading of your Content, Keyword Insertion into your Articles, Image Placement into your Articles, Posting Draft Articles to your blog, as well as Website Page Construction.

Here are some quick descriptions of what we can do for you…

Online Content Services


Posts are simple, well-written documents of purely Original Content, created for you based on minimal research with 1-2 keywords which you provide. These articles are perfect for fresh blog content.

Article Re-writes

Article re-writes are just that; a re-write of your original content, bringing to it a Fresh Perspective and a feeling of Originality which the Search Engines love. These re-written articles are a great way to Rejuvenate a stale blog or website, while keeping Costs at a Minimum.

SEO Articles

SEO articles are a creation of Completely Original, well-researched, well-written, keyword-rich content, designed to Promote an Online Marketing Website. The structure and design of our keyword-rich online content will help the search engines find, index, and rank your site, making it much easier for prospective customers find you.

Sales Pages

If you’re having trouble getting visitors to your Marketing Website to “Click” on the Buy Now Button, we can help. With 40 years of Sales and Marketing experience to call upon, we know what it takes to Close the Sale. Let us help you Build Sales and Increase Revenue by creating compelling Sales Copy for you.

This is not a standard, formulaic Sales Page process, but a highly Individualized and Creative Sales Page Design, tailored to meet your Unique Requirements.

eBook Construction

Producing an eBook, whether as a compilation of previous original content or writing it from scratch, can be time consuming and difficult. By having us put together your eBook, or write it for you, we will save you a great deal of time, headaches, and money. Remember, an eBook of valuable, original information makes a great FREEBIE as a giveaway incentive for folks who Subscribe to your Blog or Visit your Marketing Website.

Editing and Proofreading

Each piece of online content we write, or edit, is run through a comprehensive spelling and grammar check software program, as well as passing under a pair of human eyes. Those context errors can be a nightmare!

If you’re having trouble Editing and Proofing your articles, we’re here to help. While the price of editing and proofreading services will ultimately be determined by the complexity of the project, the more technical the text the more research we must do, generally, you can expect to pay about ½ the price of new articles for our Editing and Proofreading services.

Keyword Insertion

From what we can tell, this is a Unique Service being offered by SEO Writer Pro. The proper placement of keywords and keyword phrases is critical to SEO, i.e., helping the search engines find you. Maintaining the flow of your text is just as important however, if you hope to keep your reader’s interest.

If you have original online content you’re otherwise happy with, but do not know the most effective Keyword Usage Techniques, we will plug your keywords into your article for you, making sure they are used to Best Advantage while at the same time Maintaining, or Improving, the Textual Flow.

Image Placement

We will Insert the Images you provide us into your text for you, at the most Appropriate, most Impactful places.

Post to Your Blog (Draft)

We will Post the online content we create for you to your blog, as drafts, making it easy for you to Proof, Edit, and Publish without having to copy and paste from a document.

To check our online content pricing on these article writing services, click here.

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