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Introducing the

Cranium Cradle

by New Ideas, Inc

You’ve heard about it from your Friends. You’ve seen it on

TV. Now, You can have it for Yourself; all the Head Warmth

and Style you’ve Dreamed of, WITHOUT the Bad Hair Day

to go with it!

The NEWEST idea in Head Warmers, which WILL NOT RUIN your hairstyle!

From the creator of “Do Your Do” and “Have Your Hair and Eat It Too,” comes the Best Idea in Winter Headwear in Decades. The New Cranium Cradle, from New Ideas, Inc., will keep you toasty warm Up Top on even the coldest days, Without Mussing Your Hair.

Hello from New Ideas, Inc.

Brand New from New Ideas, Inc. the folks who brought you “Do Your Do” and “Have Your Hair and Eat It Too,” comes the Hottest New Idea in Head Warmers since the toaster oven, the Cranium Cradle. Our innovative market researchers, industry leading headwear engineers, and innovative designers have Uncovered the Problem, Devised the Solution, and Developed the Perfect Product to keep you Warm Up Top, Without Ruining your Expensive, Stylish “Do.”






Keep warm without sacrificing style

If you live in a colder climate, yet still want to keep your hair looking stylish on even the most Frigid days, the Cranium Cradle from New Ideas, Inc. is for you. The innovative design is surprisingly simple yet revolutionary in headwear design. Simply slip the Cranium Cradle from New Ideas, Inc. over your head. Attach the Balloon-Omatic Inflation Device, and Pump It Up to fit your “Do.”

It’s just that Simple! Your head will never be cold again, but you’ll never have “Hat Hair” again, either.





The hottest new idea in head warmers

Complete with our proprietary and innovative Insulated Crown design, as well as a Roomy Cradle and Stylish Color Ways, the Cranium Cradle from New Ideas, Inc. is the perfect solution to the age-old problem of finding a Warm Place for your head Without Ruining your Hairstyle.

And, it is delivered to your door Complete with our Balloon-Omatic Inflation Device – Included.

Available in all the colors of the rainbow

Just how “Hot” do you want to look this winter? Available in a wide Variety of Colors, from Warm to Hot, and from Cold to Icy, to suit a broad range of Social and Professional situations, the Cranium Cradle from New Ideas, Inc. will have you “Stylin’” every time you step outside.

Just pick the Color way which suite your personal style, Pump It Up, and Go.
Grab yours today

Simply choose the color and size of your Cranium Cradle from New Ideas, Inc. right now, then click the Add To Cart button to begin feeling Warm and Stylish every time you step outside, no matter the weather out there.

Or, Grab a Couple for the Entire Family – And SAVE – with our Special Introductory Offer: Buy FOUR Cranium Cradle Head Warmers today and receive FOUR MORE ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Special Introductory Offer

Buy 4 Cranium Cradle Head Warmers Today


Receive 8 at No Extra Charge.

Disclaimer: As we’re sure everyone has realized by now, there is no product called the Caranium Cradle, just as there is no company called New Ideas, Inc. We’re just trying to have a bit of fun here folks, while at the same time showing some creativity. However, we are very serious about the work we can do for you. If you enjoyed our little presentation here, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your Sales Page Needs.


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