Read what people who’ve read our eBook are saying!

Read what people are saying about the eBook written for Mile-Hi Cycle Guy!

“I’m a long-time cyclist. I liked the section on weight training. I’ve been weight training at a local gym three days a week for the last two years and it has enhanced my cycling tremendously…it’s a solid primer for the newbie…if you need some basic knowledge to start or get back into cycling then this is the book.”
–Neil Gilham, Edmonds, WA

“Thorough yet brief and easy-to-read…Increased knowledge for shopping wisely; better understanding of types of bikes available; good pointers about safety and cycling-related, off-bike exercise…I recommend it whole-heartedly! This book should be read – and re-read as much as necessary, especially before shopping and buying things – by anyone who is a novice about riding, or anyone who may have interest in using a bicycle more often for a variety of purposes…It helped a great deal to see the must-haves, should-haves, and “cools” as far as what to buy and own for maximum riding enjoyment and safety, and to understand more clearly which are which.”–Martin “Tex” Maier, Houston, TX

“A lot of great information in your eBook, don’t know what more could be added to it for those starting out.
Information for beginners, help them to make the right bike decisions.
The health information
Safe riding informatoin
There is a lot of good summary information included here, enough to get anyone started in the sport. It should help anyone who’s thinking about it make the right decision and get a bike!
Just the fact that it’s out there and available. I rode a lot when I was younger and have returned to it in the last couple of years. Nice to know this type of information’s available.”
–Stuart Nottingham, Louisburg, North Carolina
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