Online Content Spikes Google Ranking for Small, Local Business…

Online Content Spikes Google Ranking for Small Bike Biz

online content Small, independently owned businesses have always been at a disadvantage against the Big Boys, until now. With the proper use of search engine optimization (SEO), and high quality Online Content even the Little Guy has a chance to make a splash today. In fact, even the Very Little Guy, like this home-based bicycle rebuilding and bicycle repair business.

Mile-Hi Cycle Guy is a small bicycle rebuilder and bicycle service shop run from the garage of the owner’s home. With great keyword research and the use of up-to-date SEO techniques, even this small business can reach the Top Spot in the Google rankings for their chosen keywords and phrases.

Online Content Improves Site’s Google Rank

Keyword used:
Bicycle assembly Denver” as of 11/1/11, this small business was #1 in Google Search.

The use of Quality Keyword Research, coupled with Effective SEO Strategies, can help you discover and exploit the niche in which You Too can Reach the Top of Google.

Online Content Jumps Keyword Google Rank for Small Shop

Keyword used:
Discount bicycle assembly” as of 11/1/11, Mile-Hi Cycle Guy, a home-based bicycle repair business, was ranked #3 by Google.

Online Content is “Critical” for Content Writing Service

Keyword used:
Discount bicycle service,” as of 11/1/11, Mile-Hi Cycle Guy was Outranking most bike repair shops in Denver.

As the results above indicate, you don’t have to be the Biggest on the Block to Rank with Google. Mile-Hi Cycle Guy, a one-man home-based bicycle service and bicycle repair shop in a suburb of Denver, CO, is outranking the vast majority of other bike services and bike shops in the area, due to exceptional SEO content.

With Quality Keyword Research and the use of Effective SEO Strategies, any business, whether online, local, national or international can improve their ranking with Google, generating Increased Traffic – and Improving Sales.

We just felt the need to again show you that we know what we’re doing here, and that we can do it for you, as well. With our Keyword and Keyword Phrase Research, SEO Article Writing Service, and our High Quality Online Content writing, we may be able to help you climb the Google Rank ladder  for your niche too.

For more information, or to ask for a Project Quote, please use our handy-dandy Contact Form.

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