Multiple Media Content Package

SEO Writer Pro is now offering a Multiple Media Content Package, done-for-you, at a startlingly low price. For a single charge of just $250, you will receive: 2 Original Blog Posts, 2 PowerPoint Presentations, and 25 Social Media Posts.

Special Limited Time Offer…$250

Boost your SEO with multiple content streams

This package of multi-media content is ideal for improving SEO, because it helps you place fresh content in multiple information streams: your website/blogsite; high-value SEO sites like SlideShare; and the social network, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. Not only that but, by cross-linking all of these outlets, you will further optimize your freshly minted content, again boosting your SEO value.

Using multiple content streams for fresh and repurposed content is one of the most ideal tactics for improving your ranking with the search engines, and for overcoming limitations on content created by the implementation of Google’s Panda update. Doing this will also help to save you time and money, since you will no longer have to create new content for every information stream. This is the ideal path to multi-stream content sharing, without the hassle of creating multiple presentations on your own.

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Done-for-You Multiple Media Content Package

The package we’ve created to help you boost your SEO value is simple, yet laser focused. The Multiple Media Content Package that we will create for you, available at a single charge of just $250, will include:

  • 2 blog posts of 450 to 600 words
    • You choose the subject/topic for your blog post
    • Include key points and common misconceptions
    • Include up to 3 keywords
    • Include 2-3 links to more information for research
    • You may receive up to 2 revisions
    • The 2 Blog Posts you receive will be the core content for your PPT Presentations & Social Media Posts
  • 2 PowerPoint Presentations

Tip: you can post these to SlideShare, then embed them on your website and social media sites.

Tip: you can load them into Hootsuite or other Social Media Distribution tools.

In today’s highly competitive world of online marketing it has become ever more important to focus on multiple content streams to maximize the SEO value of the content you create – or have created for you. At SEO Writer Pro, we are proficient in the creation of optimized content, and are now able to offer similar services through multiple content streams.

For the fastest possible turn-around of your Multiple Media Content Package, use the button below.

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