Keyword Lists for Health Coach Websites

Health Coach Keyword Lists

Are you a Health Coach who is struggling to find clients for your Healthy Weight Loss Program?

Do you need more traffic to your Health & Wellness Website to Stop Binge Eating?

Would you like to improve the ranking of your Nutritious Weight Loss Coaching Website in the search results?

Using high value keywords to create your website copy is the key to being found by the search engines – hence the phrase “keywords.” Yet, paying for expert keyword research and analysis can be very expensive. These experts often charge $750-$2500 for their research. For an emerging health coach, just beginning to develop her website and business plan, prices like these are not cost-effective.

To help you stay within your budget, while still helping you reach your business development goals and generate traffic to your new website, we have already done the work for you. We offer a group of pre-researched keywords for emerging coaches; lists of keywords for health coaching websites that will help you gain ranking with the search engines – and drive traffic to your new website.

Pre-researched Keyword Lists for Health Coaching Websites

Choose from among this list of niche-specific keyword lists to save yourself time and money – or choose all six and save even more.

Keyword Package: $79 each, OR $349 for all six lists (Save $250)

  • Health Coach Keyword List
  • Maintaining Lost Weight Keyword List
  • Nutritious Weight Loss Keyword List
  • Stop Binge Eating Keyword List
  • Juicing for Healthy Living Keyword List
  • Healthy Weight Loss Keyword List
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With each of these Keyword Lists, you will discover:

  • Which keyword phrases are being searched
  • How often each keyword phrase is being search every day
  • Amount of competition from other websites for each keyword phrase
  • High value, niche specific keywords to target for your website

How to use your Keyword Lists

Instructions on how to most effectively use your list of keywords are included.

  • Use your keyword list for content ideas
  • How to use your keywords in the copy you create
  • Where to place your keywords for best effect
  • How not to overuse your keywords
  • How to use your keywords as Meta Data for your website pages

These lists of niche-specific, pre-researched keywords for health coaching websites have been researched and refreshed just for the use of emerging health coaches – to save you time, energy, and money – as you begin to develop your online identity and business plan. Use them in all the content you create for your new website, and soon you’ll begin to see the results – improved ranking in the search results (SERPs), and increased traffic from your target audience.

To order your pre-researched keyword lists, please visit the SEO Writer Pro Article Store.

To learn more about using your keywords, or developing website copy for your Health Coaching Website, get in touch with us today.

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