High-Impact Sales Pages from SEO Writer Pro

The words “Affordable” and “Sales Pages” are usually not seen together on the marketing pages of writing services; certainly not in the same sentence. Until Now…

high-impact sales pages

SEO Writer Pro, your Online Content Partner, is now offering Affordable Sales Pages for the Online Marketer. These are High-Impact Sales Pages for your Online Marketing Website which won’t Break the Bank.

With prices for Sales Pages ranging anywhere from $1000 to $25,000, it is little wonder that the small business and fledgling online marketer can’t afford to invest in a Sales Page. Whether you are offering the hottest new product since the Pet Rock or the greatest new service since In-Home Karate Lessons, if you’re the Little Guy or the Newbie, the prices asked for Sales Page construction are simply out of reach. If you don’t believe us, check the cost of High-Impact Sales Pages here.

Not any more, they’re not. At SEO Writer Pro, with our 40 years of Sales and Marketing experience, we know what it takes to Close the Deal. To that, we’ll add our 20 years of writing experience to bring you High-Impact Sales Pages that work – at a Price you can Afford.

High-Impact Sales Pages that reflect the 5 Principles of Selling

How can we do this? First, we don’t use some supposedly “tried-and–true” pre-formatted system. Instead,  we put 40 years of In-the-Trenches Sales Experience to work for you. We use the 5 Principles of Selling to build unique, high-impact copy: Greet, Qualify, Present, Select, Close. Since our experience shows us that these are the principles of selling which work in face-to-face encounters, we know that they work in online selling too.

When we build a High-Impact Sales Page for you, we will: 1) Introduce you to your prospect – Greet, 2) Educate your prospect about benefits- Qualify, 3) Explain choices and benefits – Present, 4) Recommend their best choice based on their needs – Select, 5) Ask for the sale – Close.

High-Impact Sales Pages with Video and Imagery

We will also happily plug any video or imagery you’d like to use into your High-Impact Sales Page for you. Since video and imagery are such powerful sales tools, using them in your sales page is almost required as a marketing tool these days. Even the simplest video slide show can have a remarkable effect on your prospect, generating a call-to-action unmatched by other forms of marketing.

With our experience, we also know where to place your video to have maximum impact.

High-Impact Sales Pages use Testimonials

Let your satisfied customers help you sell more products. We love to plug testimonials into your High-Impact Sales Pages. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding” and, with a few well-placed testimonials from happy customers placed strategically for you, your prospective customers will be knocking down your doors.

High-Impact Sales Pages use Bullet Points

Take it from us, your customers love bullet points. Highlighting the most important features and benefits of your products or services with bullet points really puts the High-Impact in High-Impact Sales Pages. Using arrows, check marks, and other bullet point graphics, rather than a big black dot, is a great way to focus your prospect’s attention where you want it to be…on Buying.

High-Impact Sales Pages use Giveaways for List-Building

One of the best techniques for building a list of prospects is to use giveaways as an incentive. Getting their email address allows you to appeal to them more directly. This is a great way to use your Sales Page to address your prospects needs more personally.

High-Impact Sales Pages Ask for the Sale

We’re not shy about Asking for the Sale, and you can’t afford to be either. When we build your  Sales Pages for you we will always include multiple calls-to-action and a Buy Now Button.

To see a Sample of our High-Impact Sales Pages, click here. We had a bit of fun with this one, trying to give you a smile and display some creativity. Don’t worry though, we take very seriously the jobs you hire us to do, so we’ll make your Sales Page whatever you wish it to be.


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