Google Plus is Google Friendly…Huh, who woulda’ thought?

Oy vey, the whining and the kvetching over the way Google is using Google+ is almost unbelievable. “How can posts to G+ show up in the search results ahead of posts to more established sites?” many people ask. “Google must be playing games with their algorithm to make G+ more prominent than it should be,” they bitch and moan. “Where is all my Facebook stuff, and all my tweets?” they yammer on, and on, and on…

Well, first off, your FB status updates are where they’ve always been, on Facebook. And, your tweets are on Twitter, where they’ve always been. Why? Because those two sites have never been Google-friendly, keeping your information restricted. Google can’t crawl the info there, and has never been allowed to do so. No change there, Bunky.

Second, Google+ and Google are the same company. Why shouldn’t their information be more accessible to – themselves? I mean, come on, if you owned a large company, and decided to create a second business that is inherently linked to the first; wouldn’t you reward loyal customers with a benefit for doing business with both? What the heck is unethical about that? Just because Google is larger than your company doesn’t make what they’re doing wrong, not if you would do the same thing with your businesses.

In fact, let’s give Google the benefit of the doubt here. After all, the company motto is “do no evil.” Just because the Google search engine is able to index and rank info on G+ more easily than other social sites does not mean that they changed their algorithm. I choose to believe, rather, that they created G+ with search results in mind, making your G+ posts easier to find, index and rank. That makes sense, right? 

After all, WordPress was designed to be Google-friendly and I don’t hear many people complaining that they have an unfair advantage over other CSMs. Well, OK, maybe a few other CSMs are complaining. But hey, that’s just smart business practice if you ask me. WordPress, knowing Google was the Big Boy on the block, designed and structured their content management system to be easy for Google to search. That’s just plain smart, folks. If Google has done the same with G+, more power to them.

It seems to me the question should be asked, “Why aren’t Facebook and Twitter doing the same?” Just what is it that they are afraid of, anyway? Are they worried that the information posted at their sites will become more popular? Nah, they’re just being stubborn, trying to prove they don’t need Google to be successful. That may be true for now, but watch out for the future you two. If there is one thing we know about the internet, it is always changing. And, if the relationship between Google and Google+ is any indication, it is changing again.

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