Generate Traffic – 6 Best Practices to Generate Traffic Online

generate traffic

Every marketer wants more eyes on their ads, and more customers ordering their products. In the offline world, advertisers invest in huge media spending with mass advertising purchases. In the online world, it is the Wild West for marketers, with small businesses, major corporations, and independent marketers all competing for the same space – and the same dollars.

This leveled playing field has made it possible to generate traffic in hundreds of different ways. From independent email marketing to ultra-expensive banner advertisements and media buys, marketers have a buffet of choices available to them, each offering different effects and a hugely variable range of potential income.

However, sometimes it takes a return to the basics to realize just how valuable a traffic strategy can be. These six traffic generation methods might not be ultra-complex or incredibly difficult, but they offer one thing that many advanced strategies do not – results. If traffic generation is becoming too much of a stress inducer for you, try one of these tactics on for size and enjoy the ultra-simple benefits.

Generate Traffic with These 6 Strategies

1. Market with content.

There are hundreds of content directories out there, each offering marketers a great platform for sharing and monetizing their content. With a single link at the end of each feature article, writers and marketers can drive traffic straight to their master websites. For a free, simple, and ultra-quick way to generate traffic, content marketing is a sound strategy.

2. Rank high in search results.

SEO is the ultimate traffic generation strategy. For pure stability and free traffic, the major search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Bing – are unparalleled for stable traffic generation. With a single presence on a 10,000 + search term, your online business can enjoy endless traffic and absolutely no associated costs.

Use the Basics to Generate Traffic

3. Use a PPC platform.

Pay-per-click advertising is expensive, especially on a per-user basis. However, it offers one advantage than no other traffic generation strategy can match – it is instant. Businesses can generate traffic with PPC the moment their cursor hits the “generate ad” button, and depending on their industry, can see real returns the minute a visitor places an order. For short-term traffic and instant results, nothing compares to PPC advertising.

4. Use Twitter.

Twitter is great for low value traffic. Typically, Twitter visitors are rarely interested in purchasing items or services, but are very interested in subscribing to email marketing lists or digesting online content. If your website is advertising supported and does not directly sell a product, Twitter can often be a great resource to generate traffic.

5. Guest post on popular blogs.

Most bloggers love getting free content, and most blogging guests love their free exposure just as much. A single post on a high-traffic blog can often generate upwards of 100,000 monthly visits. If you can think up and express 800 words of great content, it might be worth getting in touch with a popular blogger in your niche.

6. Use a PPV traffic solution.

PPV stands for pay-per-view, a traffic generation method which uses pop-up windows and third-party software to generate views. While popular amongst affiliate marketers and lead generators, PPV to generate traffic is typically of little value for service businesses or dedicated brick-and-mortar companies. However, for ultra-cheap traffic, PPV platforms can be a viable option.

Go Outside the Box to Generate Traffic

Whatever you do, don’t let problems with trying to generate traffic get you down. Either think outside the box, or return to the basics and use these Six Best Practices to Generate Traffic Online.

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