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As article writers, we spend our days thinking and worrying about content, and you should too. Why? Well, for a few important reasons. First, content is what brings the search engines to your site, which is how you generate traffic. Second, original content ranks higher with the search engines, which also improves your ranking. Third, interesting content is what brings people back.

If you begin to visit this website regularly you’re going to read a lot about one subject – content. Whether for your blog or website, information sharing is the engine that makes the Internet run. Without fuel, or content, that engine will sputter and die.

If your blog or website is suffering from a lack of traffic, odds are good it is due to a lack of original, relevant, timely, well-written content.

Search engines seek content

This is what the search engines do. They search the online world for information relevant to a particular subject, then index and rank that information. Rising in the search engine rankings, i.e., being at the top of a Google search result, is what everyone is after. To do this, perseverance and production is the key.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is generally considered the most important factor in accomplishing this. However, while SEO is critical to your success, it is our opinion that fresh content is even more important. After all, if there is no content to optimize, what is the point?

Search engines react badly to old, repetitive content

The algorithms used by the search engines to seek out information in the online world are geared toward fresh, original content and are, in fact, designed to punish those who publish irrelevant or misleading content; as well as duplicated content, otherwise known as plagiarism. The less timely or relevant your content, the less likely they will find and rank you.

Only by generating a regular flow of new information will you be likely to improve your ranking on Google – or any other search engine. If fresh contents attracts the search engines, it will also bring you traffic.

Build a loyal following

To improve that traffic however, and keep it, you will need to continue to attract regular visitors to your site. This can only be done by maintaining their interest in your blog or website. To do this, the flow of information must not falter.

Regular, timely, well-written content is the best way to ensure this. Adding imagery, audio, and video can also help but, it is really the consistent flow of quality information which causes visitors to return. It will also cause them to “share” you, “follow” you, “tweet” you, and “link” to you, which are further crucial steps in building an audience of loyal visitors to your site.

If, like most bloggers, you began your online life because you believed you had something valuable to share, you will want an audience for that information. If you began your online business because you believed you could satisfy an unmet need in your marketplace, you want to attract those who need your product or service. It is only through the consistent flow of fresh, high quality information which will allow you to do this, and to reach your goals, whatever they might be.

For anyone who finds it difficult to maintain the flow of content to their blog or website, SEO Writer Pro is here to help you, with the fresh, well-written content which will help you achieve those goals.


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