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In the world of blogging, content is king. In other words, “If you post it, they will come.” And, while most new bloggers will literally spew content to their blog at first, there is a strong tendency to allow blog content to fall off markedly after a few months, making the blog stale and uninteresting.

Keeping your content fresh, relevant, and timely are the keys to maintaining interest in your blog. Only by sharing fresh blog content, relevant to the subject of your blog and posted in a timely manner, will you maintain interest and keep them coming back for more. It is even possible to rejuvenate your blog by reusing old content or, “re-purposing” content.

Fresh blog content builds an audience

Stale content

Stale content can be the death of an otherwise relevant blog. Even if you began your blog by sharing valuable, relevant, timely information, creating a buzz and building traffic, if the content becomes old
and stale people will stop coming to your site.

A stale blog feels cold and dusty, stagnant and irrelevant. If you give readers no reason to follow your blog, they will leave in droves.

Fresh content

Your blog content must remain fresh, timely, and relevant if you want it to continue to generate interest and traffic. By posting novel, freshly developed content, you will identify yourself as an expert on your subject; you can entertain and inform; you can build a loyal following of readers
who will share your blog with others – who will share it with others again.

By keeping your content fresh and new, you will make it lively and enjoyable, promoting “likes,” “follows,” and “shares.”

Fresh blog content maintains an audience

Re-purpose content

A stale, dying blog can easily be revived and made to seem fresh again if you re-purpose content. Simply by having previous content re-written and made fresh and relevant again, you can give your blog a shot in the arm and reinvigorate it. Old information can be made new again, providing a fresh perspective and feel to your followers, with a new energy and vitality; all coming from previously posted content.

If you’re feeling a bit burned-out by blogging; if it feels like you have nothing new to say; if your lack of traffic has made posting difficult for you, think of how you might re-purpose your old content to give your blog, and yourself, a shot in the arm.

If you’re having trouble keeping a flow of fresh blog content, it may be time to consider hiring an online content writer to help you. A freelance writer who specializes in SEO article writing or article rewriting can bring a fresh perspective and energy to your content which will help you grow your audience and improve traffic.


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