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At SEO Writer Pro, we offer a variety of content writing services, from simple blog content writing to article re-writes to SEO article writing. We also provide keyword and keyword phrase research, as well as sales copywriting writing and the writing of keyword-rich content. We even include FREE “Tweets” for your Twitter page and FREE Facebook Page “Shares” with every article we create for you.

Content writing from SEO Writer Pro

Blog content

Content writing for your blog on a regular basis can become an onerous task. The daily grind of generating fresh content, combined with the demands of daily life and doing business can become quite taxing, especially for the novice blogger. Even long-time bloggers can find themselves experiencing dry periods, times when they feel they’ve said all there is to say about their subject.

Here at SEO Writer Pro, we understand and appreciate these periods in a blogger’s life. After all, as writers, we too have experienced writer’s block and dry periods. However, we have also found that content writing for others, creating copy from their ideas and to satisfy their needs, inspires us. Helping you generate well-written blog content is our sole purpose and that task alone animates us to produce for you.

Article re-writes

Many bloggers, finding themselves stuck for content writing ideas, will purchase pre-written copy from other writing services. These are known as PLR articles, or Private Label Right’s articles. When purchased, PLR articles allow the buyer the non-exclusive use of these articles, without the right to resell them. The major drawback to these articles, while inexpensive, is that there may be literally hundreds of a particular article in use, preventing the buyer from gaining the search engine ranking they were bought to help them achieve.

At SEO Writer Pro, we are proficient in the art of article re-writes; re-working any article you possess to give them a fresh, novel, and unique feel; re-writing them as virtually original content which will make them more visible to the search engines. This will, of course, help you improve your ranking which will improve traffic to your blog or website, and – the product belongs to you, exclusively.

Content writing that gives you an advantage

Keyword-rich content

These days everyone knows, or should know, the importance of using keywords and keyword phrases to help the search engines find their blog or website. What many do not understand however, is the proper placement of their chosen keywords for search engine optimization. Nor is it easy to generate well-written content and maintain the flow of your article when using these very specific words and phrases.

Maintaining the context and flow of the articles we write, while at the same time generating keyword-rich content for you is our specialty at SEO Writer Pro. Massaging your text into an informative, entertaining read which will still generate hits from the search engines is our singular goal.

Keyword research

Choosing the most effective keywords and keyword phrases for your articles can be a time consuming, frustrating endeavor. The ways in which others search for information online can be quite varied and, at times, will seem impossible to understand. In other words, because of the differences in the ways others think, what seems the most logical choice of search terms to you may be incomprehensible once you discover the results of your keyword research project.

With our experience and knowledge of keyword research at SEO Writer Pro, we can help you discover the most effective keywords and keyword phrases for your content to be found by the search engines. Once discovered, using the most effective keywords and phrases will improve your content writing and your ranking, and will help promote traffic to your blog or website.

Content writing to improve SEO

SEO article writing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of discovering the most effective keywords and keyword phrases, as well as their proper use. While the placement and frequency of the use of these words and phrases is of paramount importance, it is just as important to refrain from their over-use. The overuse of keywords is referred to as “keyword stuffing.” Stuffing your content writing with keywords and keyword phrases can actually reduce your ranking by the search engines; especially Google.

At SEO Writer Pro, we understand the proper parameters for keyword usage and will never stuff your content. Simply stated, our goal is to use our knowledge and experience at SEO article writing to help the search engines find, index, and rank your site.

FREE “Tweets” and FREE “Shares” included with every article

As a full-service content writing provider, SEO Writer Pro will also include FREE TWEETS with every article we write. Simply by excerpting portions of the content we create for you we will be able to generate a tweet for you to use, as well. In fact, we’ve decided to add a series of tweets for every
article we create for you.

The number of tweets we include with each article will depend upon the length of the piece, but we’re thinking somewhere between three and ten tweets per article. The up-side of this for you is, you can tweet it right from your new content. Simply copy and paste the excerpt we send you…toss in your URL, and send it to Twitter. That’s it! How simple could we make it?

For Twitter, we will keep the series of excerpts to the recommended 119 characters each, leaving space for you to add your URL. The Facebook excerpt will be about 200 words, leaving plenty of space for you to add whatever information you think relevant.

At SEO Writer Pro, our goal is to be able to accommodate any budget for the purchase of relevant, timely, well-written content. Whether you seek article re-writes, blog content, keyword-rich content or keyword research and SEO article writing, we possess the content writing tools, talent, and experience to provide them – all at affordable pricing.

For more article pricing information, please click here to be sent to our Article Price List Page.

Special Introductory Offer
 for First-time Clients Only: Buy 5 SEO Optimized articles of up to 500 words
at just $25 per article
to see if you like our work. Payment-in-full is due at time of order for this Special Offer and you must supply the keywords and keyword phrases you wish us to use.

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