Content Marketing: Re-purpose, Recycle, Re-use Content

Today we bring you a Guest Post about re-purposing your content, from Andrea Kalli of Andrea is a highly-respected Virtual Assistant, VA Classroom Trainer, and WordPress Website Guru. Check out her website at

Content Marketing: Re-purpose, Recycle, Reuse


When content becomes stale, traffic fails. When a website becomes outdated, it also becomes unrated. When traffic fails, your sales will pale. OK…OK…we’re done with that stuff.

The point is this, old content will not only make your visitors indifferent to your site, that content will also drive away the search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the rest, absolutely LOVE Fresh, Original Content. When generating that content becomes just too much to handle, RECYCLING CONTENT can work wonders.

We call it “Re-purposing,” but it’s the same thing. What was once relevant, timely, well-written content can easily become outdated in the fast-paced world of Internet marketing. However, just because your content is no longer timely, does not mean it is irrelevant or poorly written. With a fresh perspective and re-write, that content can be quickly and easily re-purposed to make the search engines fall in love with it all over again.

The use of new, inexpensive video technology is another wonderful tool for re-purposing content. Simply by taking your old, static imagery and inserting it into a new, engaging video slide show, we can easily revitalize your site. Toss in some of that re-purposed text, along with some really cool tunes to back your imagery, and we have a beautiful new vibrant video presentation which will enhance your online image – and revitalize your traffic too.

As Your Content-Recycling Partner, I will help you revitalize your website or blog, by using my knowledge and experience to –

  • Teach you to Re-Purpose old, dry Text into Fresh, Original Content.
  • Convert Stale, Static Imagery to Vibrant Video, posted to YouTube and SlideShare. 
  • Bring you a Fresh, New Audience by posting your Previous Audio to iTunes.
  • Spread your Previous Content over Diverse Media, showing you how One Piece of Content can become Many!
  • Help you make the Most of What You Do to achieve Maximum Impact.
  • Show you how to Build Your Image and Brand with Content which can go a lot Farther if it’s Re-Purposed and Syndicated.
  • Transform your Content into one Big Happy Family that Works Together to Create Influence.
  • Post Audio/Video -to- iTunes/YouTube/SlideShare, and a Massive Potential Audience.
  • Re-Purpose Text -to- Blog Posts -to- Social Media posts -to- Articles -to- eBooks -to- Reports -to- List Building.
  • Plan, Organize, and Discuss all Strategic aspects of the Project.
  • Be your Content-Recycling Partner-in-Success through ongoing Coaching, Brainstorming, and Strategy Sessions.

It is so simple, and easy, to begin the website rejuvenation process, we’re surprised no one else seems to be offering this service. After all, why spend Big Money on a new website, or pages of content, or high-priced video production, when we can help you rebuild and revitalize your existing site by simply re-purposing your content?

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you Regenerate, Revitalize, and Re-energize your website with our Content Re-purposing Plan.

Andrea offers a variety of business services for the online business entrepreneur, including:  Internet and Social Marketing Assistant, Website SEO Services, WordPress Business Sites and Blog Marketing Support, Product Launch Support, Content Re-purposing and Recycling Strategies, Audio and Video Products Editing and Support.

Thank you, Andrea, for your contribution today,



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