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Web Content – 7 Ways to Take Stale Content to the Top of the SEO Charts

7 Ways to Take Stale Web Content to the Top of the SEO Charts

You’ve been blogging to beat the band for the past couple of years now, but your content is not drawing the traffic you’d hoped to bring to your site. Even though your web content is timely and well written, not to mention relevant to your niche, it is just not producing measurable results. So, you ask, what is the problem? And, more importantly, what can you do to fix it?

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Blog Content – “Your” is not “You’re”

Generate well-written blog content

Nothing will kill your blog more quickly than poorly written content. Spelling errors, grammar mistakes, poor diction, and typos will make you seem unprofessional and, yes, ignorant. When it comes to writing, mistakes will have a powerful negative effect on even the best blog content. Well-written blog content adds to the impression that you know and understand what you are talking about, enhancing your reputation as an expert in your field, while poorly written blog content will do exactly the opposite.

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A Few Key Words about the use of Keywords

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not dead, though it is certainly changing; as it has done for decades. As the search engines, lead by Google of course, have become more adept at picking out websites that are gaming the system for increased traffic, it makes sense that they should change their standards, and their algorithms. In essence, they are working to keep a level playing field for all, while trying to improve the search experience as well. Makes sense, when you think about it.

The changing face of SEO

In the wake of the Panda and Penguin updates, and all the changes we’ve been forced to accept because of them, Google has also begun to take a more focused look at how websites are using keywords; the most important tool a site owner can use to optimize their site for improved search results. This too makes sense, since every time Google makes an effort to improve the search experience for all; unscrupulous “SEO experts” work hard to discover ever more creative ways to game them. It’s become a never-ending cycle, forcing the rest of us to work harder than ever to keep up with the changing rules of the game.

By now, virtually everyone has heard of keyword stuffing. Most site owners and admins have worked hard to guarantee that they do not stuff their sites. However, the definition of stuffing has undergone a transformation, requiring all of us to reassess our use of keywords. Things which were accepted in the past will no longer pass muster with Google.

Improving the search experience for all

Google’s stated goal for making these changes to the search process is an effort to enhance the search experience for their customer. Their customer is the searcher of course, not those of us who would like the searcher to find us. As a result, the focus of search has become the quality of the content provided; a standard which they dictate, not us. Only by adhering to their standards for searches can we remain in their good graces, enabling them to bring searchers to our sites.

  • 3% is no longer the magic number. In the past, keyword density received a great deal of attention, with a 3% density becoming the safe standard. This is no longer the case. In fact, 3% can get you punished these days. The best current advice available is 3 times; use your targeted keyword 3 times in your text, at the beginning, middle, and end, and no more. Also, make sure they are used naturally, within the flow of the text, or you will be punished for keyword stuffing.
  • Use multiple targeted keywords. The current best practices to avoid being labeled a keyword stuffer are to use multiple targeted keywords sparingly, rather than one keyword frequently. As mentioned above, rather than 3% density, a single phrase should be used 3 times. Doing this with 2-3 targeted phrases is much safer than the overuse of just one phrase.
  • Use your image “alt tag” wisely. In the past, placing a targeted phrase “behind” and image was easy. Since search engines are unable to “crawl” images, all you had to do was type your keyword into the HTML code for the image and you were golden. Today, using the same keyword in the alt tag and the text may get you labeled as a stuffer. The solution? Use a targeted phrase that you have not placed within your text.
  • Craft your Meta Description carefully. Most people ignore this important area of SEO, because it can be difficult to summarize a post in a mere 160 characters. However, if you leave it up to the search engines to provide this summary for you, it will likely look disjointed and unprofessional. A well crafted, complete statement of the text you have provided will appeal to the reader – and to the search engines.
  • Highlighting is now a no-no. Google used to appreciate the way we provided help to them by highlighted the targeted keywords we were using, making it easier for them to find relevant content. To accomplish this, we were told we should use bold, underline, and italics in our text. This is now a No-no for Google, and can actually get your site flagged for further study. Instead, use your targeted phrases within the flow of your text and let the search engines find them on their own.
  • Paragraph headers have become a bad place for keywords. Headers are no longer the place to use your targeted keywords. Keep them descriptive of the text, rather than using them as a trap for the search engines. It’s not that you can’t use a targeted phrase here; just don’t use the same phrase you are using in your text, as we had been told to use them in the past.

Quality content leads to quality visits

In short, the overuse of a single targeted keyword phrase will lead to problems in the search results. You may even be banned from Google entirely for particularly egregious overuse. The best advice is to back off a bit on the use of your targeted phrases and see what happens. If your placing in the search results remains constant, you’re doing fine. If your ranking changes, beef it up a bit and see what happens. As always, there is no magic pill for the optimization of your website and improvement in the search results does not happen overnight. Remember this – SEO and patience go hand-in-hand.

The good news is this; while SEO has become more difficult with the emphasis on the quality of the content we provide our visitors, in most cases the quality of the visitor has also improved. By focusing on a quality search experience for their client, Google is forcing us to focus on providing quality content for our clients as well. In the long run, this is a good thing for everyone involved.

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5 Star Review for Small Business SEO eBook

Kindle Online Marketing eBook

5.0 out of 5 stars. A Powerful Book on the Topicseo tips for small business

By Amazon Customer “” (Colorado)

This review is from: Creative Marketing Ideas for Online Businesses: with Online Marketing Tips, SEO Tips, Social Media Marketing Tips, Affiliate Market (Kindle Edition) Order Now… Just $4.99

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Website Copywriting Kickstarter Special

website copywriting specialKick Start your New Website Today!

Getting your new website to perform is not easy. It requires fresh copy for your website pages, as well as timely, consistent content for your blog, if you hope to attract the notice of the search engines – not to mention your target audience. The best way to make that impression is to have everything in place when your new website goes live; including Home Page, About Page, and Service Page copy; a Free Opt-in Gift to help you build your list; and 2-3 months’ worth of fresh blog posts.

At SEO Writer Pro, we’re here to help you get your website up and running with creative website copywriting services and compelling blog content when you need it the most – right at the beginning – at a Special Price.

We’ve combined our 2 most popular web copywriting packages into one, to help you save even more!

SEO Writer Pro Website Copywriting Kickstarter Package… $698 (Save $450)

To help you get your website up and running, we offer our Website Copywriting Kickstarter Special, a combination of fully optimized web page content and a series of niche-specific blog posts, created exclusively for your website by a professional, affordable SEO writer.

Our 3-Page Website Copywriting Package includes:
Home Page… $250.00
About Page… $150.00
Services Page… $150.00

Total Web Content Pkg… $550.00
3-Page Copywriting Special… $399.00 – Save $150
1-Hour Phone Consultation included at No Charge
2 Revisions per page included at No Extra Charge
1st Drafts Delivered within 7 days of Phone Consultation
All documents will be delivered in Microsoft Word
+ FREE Opt-in Article at NO CHARGE, to help you build your list

Normally, we offer a package of 10 optimized blog posts, on any subject you choose, for just $450.

Our 10-Pack Blog Post Special includes:

10 Optimized Blog Posts… $450
10-Pack Blog Post Special… $299 – Save $150

  • 10 Optimized Blog Posts
  • Each post of 350-500 words
  • Blog posts with 1-3 keywords each
  • Timely, well-written content for your blog or website
  • Up to 3 months of fresh blog posts ready to go at website launch

1-Hour Phone Consultation included at No Charge
2 Revisions per post included at No Extra Charge
1st Drafts Delivered in a timely fashion
All documents will be delivered in Microsoft Word

FREE with the purchase of the SEO Writer Pro Website Kickstarter Package – a $150 Value

Website Optimization Package includes:

We will optimize the Meta Data for all of your new pages and blog posts – at NO CHARGE.

This includes doing the on-page SEO work on your new website, including all Meta Title, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Tags on every new page and every blog post we crate for you. This will make it far easier for the search engines to find and index your new website, placing you in the search results (SERPs) more quickly.

Total cost of the SEO Writer Pro Website Kickstarter Package… $698 (Save $450)
You save more than $450 compared to our regular price of $1150.

SEO Writer Pro Website Kickstarter Packages are available on a limited basis. Due to time constraints, we are only able offer 10 of these packages at this time – so please – order soon, before we are too busy to help you create the compelling web content you need to make your website jump in the search results.

Read what our clients have to say about our Web Copywriting Services.

Wondering if we can write effectively for your niche? Check out our List of Current Clients here.

To order your SEO Writer Pro Website Kickstarter Package, please visit the SEO Writer Pro Article Store.



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Social Media Copywriting Special

Has posting fresh ideas to Facebook every day become a burden?

Are you having trouble expressing yourself in 140 characters, or less?

Does the thought of “being social” suddenly make you cringe?

If you’re spending more than ½ an hour per day posting to social networks, we will save you time – and money.

Social Media is the fastest growing marketing sector on the internet. The problem is, it can be a huge time-suck, and exhausting. At SEO Writer Pro, we will manage your Social Media Campaign for you, creating all of your copy and posting it for you too.

Crafting your message for you is what we do at SEO Writer Pro. Whether you need website copywriting, a fresh blog post, an expert article for your niche, or Facebook updates and Tweets, we have the creativity and experience to generate a compelling message for you or your business – saving you time, energy, and effort that you can devote to running your business, instead of frying brain cells writing copy. This is what we do for a living, every day, and we’re good at it.

The #1 reason for failure of a social media campaign is – inconsistent posting to Facebook and Twitter.

Managed Social Media Campaign – we do all the work for you. Once you approve the copy for your weekly campaign, we will schedule the posting to your Facebook, Google +, and Twitter accounts for you. No hassle. No muss. No fuss.

Done-for-you-Social Media Campaign Special $200 per month

This is not some cheap, automated process that uses software to blindly pull copy from your website, sales page or blog. As our name suggests, we are writers; we create fresh, timely, original social media content that is relevant to the copy at your website, sales, page or blog. When we create your social media copy…

You will receive:

  • 5 Original Facebook/Google + updates every week – optimized with your targeted keywords, and focused on your target audience, with backlinks to your website, sales page, or blog.
  • 25 Original Tweets every week – optimized with your targeted keywords, and focused on your target audience, with short links to your website, sales page, or blog.
  • Monthly Social Media Analytics Report – to allow you to track the effectiveness of your social media campaign.
  • Automated RSS Feeds – of your blog posts to your social network sites.
  • One week lead time – on all copy we create for you, giving you ample time for revisions and edits.

Allow the copywriting pros at SEO Writer Pro to do the work for you, and save yourself the time, hassle, and money you’ve been investing in your Social Media Campaign.

We ask for two weeks lead time to begin your social media campaign, allowing us to research your niche and craft your messages. After that, you will receive your social media copy on a weekly basis. All invoicing and payments through PayPal, with all copy produced in Microsoft Word and sent to you by email.


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Online Marketing Tips eBook – Free Excerpt

Below is an excerpt from our eBook, the first chapter of the Online Marketing Tips eBook from SEO Writer Pro, which is now available at a reduced price at the Kindle Store.SEOWP eBook1

Now just $4.99

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Keyword Research and Analysis Package

How would you like to know the search phrases people are using to find you, rather than having to guess?

Are you using targeted keywords in your content?

Do you know what to expect from the keywords you’re using?

The search engines can only look for the information their client – the searcher – asks them for; the search phrase they use. Since knowing this information is critical to the success of your website, guessing at the phrase that a searcher might use to find you makes little sense. You need to know what those phrases are.

This is where keyword research becomes just as important for you and your website. At SEO Writer Pro, we have the knowledge and experience to help you discover the phrases that are being used to find the types of information you have to offer – with Targeted Keyword Research and Analysis, available at a single package price of just $499.

Special Limited Time Offer…$399

Beginning with a list of 10-12 phrases you provide, you will receive:

  • A comprehensive list of high value targeted keywords to help you advance in the Search Results
  • High traffic, low competition keywords to target in your content
  • Keywords with high potential for advancement against your competition
  • Keyword-based Meta Title for your Home Page
  • Keyword-based Meta Description for your Home Page
  • Keyword-based Meta Tags for your website

Normally, this package would cost you $499 but, for a limited time, we will provide you with this invaluable research for just $399, guaranteeing delivery of your list of targeted keywords within One Week.


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SEO is Dead – NOT!

Working as I do with a broad range of clients with extremely diverse perspectives about web content and online marketing strategies, it remains surprising when any of my clients makes the claim that SEO is dead; as happened recently. What was truly stunning is that the client in question should have known better, as she works in WordPress website design and implementation, as well as the promotion of WordPress websites on a daily basis.

After all, promoting WordPress as the preferred CMS for a marketing website includes the understanding that WordPress is very SEO-friendly, and particularly Google-friendly. Seems to be a huge contradiction to me. More on this below…

SEO it not dead, it just keeps changing

The following is part of a conversation I had with a Virtual Assistant after on online meeting among half-a-dozen VAs and me, in which we discussed improved strategies and expanded services we might make available to our clients for the New Year. As you can tell from the conversation, SEO services were not one of those improvements or expansions…

“However, I must say how disappointed I was in the follow-up conversation on Skype, where the value of SEO for client websites was discounted, to the extent that it was even said that ‘SEO is kind of dead.’ Frankly, I was stunned to read this, since this could not be further from the truth. For proof of this, take 15 minutes and type the phrase ‘SEO is dead’ into a search engine and just see the number of articles that are presented, and read a few.

While it should be obvious to all that SEO has evolved dramatically in the past couple of years especially, the vast majority of visitors to any website will use one of the three major the search engines to find the information they are seeking. (Google no longer has a monopoly on search, if it ever did.) And yes, the search engines are also used to find social media feeds like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

At a bare minimum, optimization of the Meta Data for every page of every website remains critical to the success of that site, ‘else how will the search engines direct fresh traffic to our clients’ sites? And, while Google has decided to make it extremely difficult to gauge the effectiveness of our optimization efforts, by denying us access to search information without paying for it through Adwords, it should be obvious that increases in traffic in response to an increased effort in optimization will be directly related.

I actually spend a great deal of my time helping clients optimize their pages for search, and I have seen those efforts improve traffic to my client’s sites dramatically, and quickly. This may, in fact, be due to the erroneous idea that ‘SEO is dead,’ which causes many to forego efforts at optimization.

I believe we do a real disservice to our clients when and if we accept this idea. SEO is not dead, and never will be, as long as search remains a part of creating a successful online business.

I think many people want SEO to be dead, simply because it’s not easy to do, and that makes it OK not to do it. However, optimizing web pages and content will always be necessary. We should really think of it along the same lines as site maintenance.

After all, when you pay for a tune up for your car, aren’t you trying to optimize its performance? When you get your hair done, aren’t you trying to optimize your own looks? When you use an attractive theme for a client’s website, aren’t you trying to optimize its appeal to visitors? The
examples are endless. It’s the same for a website or blog content. Performing SEO for our clients, i.e., making the pages and copy more attractive to the search engines in an attempt to attract more visitors, should be part of building and maintaining a searchable website for them.

There is a major contradiction in the argument as well, since we focus on WordPress websites. One of the major reasons WordPress is so popular is because it is so very Google friendly and, in fact, has strong appeal to all of the search engines. WordPress was designed as an SEO friendly CMS, and all of the themes and plugins that have been developed for it are designed with this in mind. To promote WordPress as the best CMS for a website, while ignoring the SEO value at the same time, is a huge contradiction – and it also ignores one of the greatest benefits of using WordPress.

The word ‘optimize merely means to ‘get the most out of’ or ‘achieve maximum efficiency, according to WordWeb, my desktop mini-dictionary. If we refuse to do everything in our power to ‘get the most out of’ our client’s websites for them, or refuse to even try, aren’t we letting them down, whether they know it or not? Whether they even understand everything we’re doing for them?

Hey maybe, since SEO has gotten such a bad rap, we should begin calling it something else; we can make the site more ‘searchable,’ or ‘visitable,’ for them.”

Needless to say, people being what they are, this conversation had little effect on any of the non-believers. Human beings become so committed to their belief systems, often regardless of the facts, that it can be impossible to change their minds. This is tragic, especially in the world of online marketing, where building traffic and customer loyalty to a business website is critical to long-term success.

Having said that, it still must be argued that SEO in definitely NOT dead, but merely changing, as it has done for decades and will continue to do for decades to come.

If you’re not doing everything you can to optimize your website for the search engines, or for those of your clients, I can guarantee you’re leaving business in the ether; business that could have been yours – or your client’s.

If you need help optimizing your business website for search, get in touch with me today. I can help.

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Website Copywriting – Why You Should Outsource Your Copywriting

There are times when every expert, in any field, loses sight of the big picture, focusing instead on the details that can make being an expert so much fun. But, if you’re trying to create copy for a website, does all the stuff you know about the intricate workings of your niche benefit your reader – or make them want to buy from you? Probably not…

In fact, if you’re looking at the trees while your audience is checking out the forest, you’ve already lost them – and you’re likely to never get them back.

Web copy is for your audience – not the search engines

If you were to perform a Google search for the phrase “why you should outsource copywriting,” you’ll discover an incredible mix of copywriting experts who will list a broad range of benefits found in outsourcing: from saving time and money to maximizing the SEO value of your content, and more. While these things are certainly important, very few of these so-called “copywriting experts,” who will of course also offer you their “expert” services, will mention your audience; the actual people who will read the copy on your website.

You see, web copy that appeals to the search engines is one thing, but web copy that appeals to your visitor is quite another. It is also far more valuable; for, what is the point of generating traffic to your website if your visitors do not buy from you?

Ultimately, since no search engine will ever buy anything from your website, your website copy must appeal to the reader; the person you hope to convert to a paying customer. Your copy must outline the benefits of doing business with you. It must answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” Otherwise, no matter how many “click-throughs” you receive from Google, Bing, or Yahoo, your efforts are wasted and your web copy has failed.

As a self-identified expert in your niche, it is your job to use your website copy to describe to your visitors exactly how they will profit from doing business with you – nothing more – and nothing less. That is how you create conversions. That is how you turn lookers into buyers. That is how your web copy benefits you, and your visitors.

Not by showing off how smart you are. Not by displaying esoteric knowledge. Not through sharing obscure facts or trivia.

Hire a website copywriter who focuses on your customer

While it’s always nice to see your website well ranked on the search results page, which can be a real ego-boost, it’s ultimately meaningless if you’re not making sales. By creating copy that compels your visitors to buy, rather than writing for the search engines, a professional copywriter becomes one of your most valuable assets; an investment in your business that creates a real return – in cash – rather than merely generating interest.

By hiring a website copywriter who creates copy for your web pages that appeals to your target audience, as well as the search engines, you avoid throwing good money after bad; keeping the focus where it belongs – on the needs of your customer.

Now, because we are also a professional website copywriting service, it’s time to let you know what we can do for you – to help you build traffic and make the sales you’re looking for. Simply follow this link to discover more about our Website Copywriting Packages, offered at Special Pricing for a limited time.

Read what our clients have to say about our Web Copywriting Services.

Wondering if we can write effectively for your niche? Check out our List of Current Clients here.

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