Build Traffic – Online Marketing Tips for Your Blog or Web Content

There are two key elements required if you wish to build traffic to your blog or website, and both are dependent on the content you create. First, the search engines must find you so that, second, the readers will follow.

With most human endeavors the question can be asked, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” When you are trying to build traffic to your blog or website however, we know the answer, “Google it!”

Build Traffic – Appeal to the Search Engines

It is the job of the search engines to find, index, and rank websites and blogs for the end-user; the end-user being anyone seeking specific information on a particular subject, from the vast array available online today. To do this, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, among others, create search parameters which constantly seek fresh, original information related to specific subject categories. To this is added feedback from the end-user, based on traffic patterns as the result of these search results, which help them rate the quality of the information to which they’ve directed the end-user. This is how a blog or website begins to build traffic.

In other words, it’s a perpetual feedback loop. When you begin a search, the search engines rank and list the search results for you, you click on the link, and that click is returned as more ranking information. However, it is the information offered which first catches the attention of the search engines, the most important element to getting noticed.

To put it even more simply, if the search engines don’t find you the readers never will, and search engines seek, and love, fresh content.

Build Traffic – Provide your Readers Value

SEO and readers go hand-in-hand. By optimizing your content for the search engines, you take the first step in becoming part of this perpetual feedback loop of information, allowing you to build traffic to your blog or website.

When you post fresh, original content to your blog or website, the search engines take notice. For every click you receive as a result of this content, the search engines again take notice, improving your ranking, which leads to more clicks, and better ranking, and more clicks…and on and on. But, it is the quality of your content which leads to more clicks. This is how the search engines quantify your blog or website.

Once you’ve gained a reader, it is the quality of your content which will keep them, and keep them coming back. By providing valuable information to your readers, not just sales copy, you build a loyal following. In this way, you help the search engines find and rank you, helping you to build traffic. build traffic

Search engines love fresh, original content, which leads to your site being indexed, which leads to more hits. Readers love relevant, timely, well-written content, which leads to more traffic, which leads to higher ranking and, more traffic. It is a mutual appreciation society between the reader and the search engines and must be understood as such to benefit from the dynamic relationship between them.

Search engines do not exist to help the blogger or website operator to find visitors. Search engines exist to help the end-user find information. They exist to help others find you – and your competitors. Only by providing relevant, timely, well-written content can you hope to exploit the interdependent relationship between the search engines and the reader to build traffic to your blog or website.



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