Blog Writing Remains Critical to Online Marketing Success

Two recent articles found online question the validity of blogging, and blog writing, as part of a successful online marketing strategy. Both articles, posted at and, begin by asking the question, “Is blogging dead, or outdated, as a marketing tool?” Both go on to answer this question with a resounding, “NO!”

The first, written by John W Hayes, and titled, “Content is Key to Building a Successful Email Marketing and Social Media Strategy,” is a remarkably clear and concise argument in favor of blogging as an essential part of an effective online marketing strategy, which should also include email marketing and social media marketing. His list of “10 Reasons Why Blogging + Email + Social Media = Successmakes a persuasive argument for a business blog as the foundation of any online marketing strategy.

As Google continues to become ever more focused on the quality of the content in their search results, creating that quality content through blog writing becomes ever more important. Blogging regularly, Hayes argues – repeatedly – is the key element of any successful online marketing strategy. Of course, what Google does, the other search engines are bound to copy, meaning that they too will soon begin to focus on quality over quantity.

It follows then that the necessary reaction for any online marketer must be to provide that quality content. Regular blog writing is the simplest, most cost-effective means of doing so.

Blog writing continues to be the key to online marketing success

The second article to question the validity of blogging, and blog writing, as a part of a successful online marketing strategy comes from Alex Aspinall, and focuses on corporate blogs. In his article, “NEWS ANALYSIS: Is this the end of the corporate blog?” Aspinall argues that, while the use of corporate blogs may be declining, for those who do use them, they are a very successful means of building traffic and creating conversions.

Backed up by statements from notable corporate bloggers, the argument illustrates the improved ease of access and acceptance to the reader when a corporate website is approached through the site’s blog, as opposed to other avenues. By creating, and regularly updating, their blog, corporations present a more human, more approachable face to their visitor; this greatly enhances their image, and makes them approachable, on a more human level.

What does all of this mean to you, the online marketer who is trying to understand the constantly shifting landscape of content marketing? Simply, it means that regular blog writing remains the foundation of your online marketing strategy. It means you must continue to update your blog content regularly or, if you’ve been avoiding jumping on the blogging bandwagon, climb aboard and begin posting – now.


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