Fresh Blog Content brings readers to your site…

In the world of blogging, content is king. In other words, “If you post it, they will come.” And, while most new bloggers will literally spew content to their blog at first, there is a strong tendency to allow blog content to fall off markedly after a few months, making the blog stale and uninteresting.

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Blog Content – “Your” is not “You’re”

Generate well-written blog content

Nothing will kill your blog more quickly than poorly written content. Spelling errors, grammar mistakes, poor diction, and typos will make you seem unprofessional and, yes, ignorant. When it comes to writing, mistakes will have a powerful negative effect on even the best blog content. Well-written blog content adds to the impression that you know and understand what you are talking about, enhancing your reputation as an expert in your field, while poorly written blog content will do exactly the opposite.

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Online Marketing Tips – 7 Steps to Success

While creating a successful marketing campaign has never been easy, the advent of online marketing has simplified the process somewhat, while at the same time putting it directly into the hands of the online marketer. It is our hope that by following these Online Marketing Tips we can simplify the process further, allowing you and your marketing campaign to benefit from these 7 Steps to Success. 

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A Few Key Words about the use of Keywords

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not dead, though it is certainly changing; as it has done for decades. As the search engines, lead by Google of course, have become more adept at picking out websites that are gaming the system for increased traffic, it makes sense that they should change their standards, and their algorithms. In essence, they are working to keep a level playing field for all, while trying to improve the search experience as well. Makes sense, when you think about it.

The changing face of SEO

In the wake of the Panda and Penguin updates, and all the changes we’ve been forced to accept because of them, Google has also begun to take a more focused look at how websites are using keywords; the most important tool a site owner can use to optimize their site for improved search results. This too makes sense, since every time Google makes an effort to improve the search experience for all; unscrupulous “SEO experts” work hard to discover ever more creative ways to game them. It’s become a never-ending cycle, forcing the rest of us to work harder than ever to keep up with the changing rules of the game.

By now, virtually everyone has heard of keyword stuffing. Most site owners and admins have worked hard to guarantee that they do not stuff their sites. However, the definition of stuffing has undergone a transformation, requiring all of us to reassess our use of keywords. Things which were accepted in the past will no longer pass muster with Google.

Improving the search experience for all

Google’s stated goal for making these changes to the search process is an effort to enhance the search experience for their customer. Their customer is the searcher of course, not those of us who would like the searcher to find us. As a result, the focus of search has become the quality of the content provided; a standard which they dictate, not us. Only by adhering to their standards for searches can we remain in their good graces, enabling them to bring searchers to our sites.

  • 3% is no longer the magic number. In the past, keyword density received a great deal of attention, with a 3% density becoming the safe standard. This is no longer the case. In fact, 3% can get you punished these days. The best current advice available is 3 times; use your targeted keyword 3 times in your text, at the beginning, middle, and end, and no more. Also, make sure they are used naturally, within the flow of the text, or you will be punished for keyword stuffing.
  • Use multiple targeted keywords. The current best practices to avoid being labeled a keyword stuffer are to use multiple targeted keywords sparingly, rather than one keyword frequently. As mentioned above, rather than 3% density, a single phrase should be used 3 times. Doing this with 2-3 targeted phrases is much safer than the overuse of just one phrase.
  • Use your image “alt tag” wisely. In the past, placing a targeted phrase “behind” and image was easy. Since search engines are unable to “crawl” images, all you had to do was type your keyword into the HTML code for the image and you were golden. Today, using the same keyword in the alt tag and the text may get you labeled as a stuffer. The solution? Use a targeted phrase that you have not placed within your text.
  • Craft your Meta Description carefully. Most people ignore this important area of SEO, because it can be difficult to summarize a post in a mere 160 characters. However, if you leave it up to the search engines to provide this summary for you, it will likely look disjointed and unprofessional. A well crafted, complete statement of the text you have provided will appeal to the reader – and to the search engines.
  • Highlighting is now a no-no. Google used to appreciate the way we provided help to them by highlighted the targeted keywords we were using, making it easier for them to find relevant content. To accomplish this, we were told we should use bold, underline, and italics in our text. This is now a No-no for Google, and can actually get your site flagged for further study. Instead, use your targeted phrases within the flow of your text and let the search engines find them on their own.
  • Paragraph headers have become a bad place for keywords. Headers are no longer the place to use your targeted keywords. Keep them descriptive of the text, rather than using them as a trap for the search engines. It’s not that you can’t use a targeted phrase here; just don’t use the same phrase you are using in your text, as we had been told to use them in the past.

Quality content leads to quality visits

In short, the overuse of a single targeted keyword phrase will lead to problems in the search results. You may even be banned from Google entirely for particularly egregious overuse. The best advice is to back off a bit on the use of your targeted phrases and see what happens. If your placing in the search results remains constant, you’re doing fine. If your ranking changes, beef it up a bit and see what happens. As always, there is no magic pill for the optimization of your website and improvement in the search results does not happen overnight. Remember this – SEO and patience go hand-in-hand.

The good news is this; while SEO has become more difficult with the emphasis on the quality of the content we provide our visitors, in most cases the quality of the visitor has also improved. By focusing on a quality search experience for their client, Google is forcing us to focus on providing quality content for our clients as well. In the long run, this is a good thing for everyone involved.

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Video Creation – Add Punch, Color & Personality

Add Punch, Color & Personality to Any Media Creation

Do you use Explaindio to create video content?

Do you create videos for your own website?

Do you create videos for others?

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Email Templates for Coaches – New Product Introduction!

Attn: Coaches – Boost Client Acquisition and Increase Client Retention

Here at SEO Writer Pro, we work with a variety of coaches, both emerging coaches and established coaches. One of the their biggest complaints is the time it takes them to communicate with established and potential clients, using email to stay in touch and/or support them. As a result, we have created a series of 18 Email Templates for Coaches, to help any coach to better communicate with potential and actual clients.

Use this Nurture Campaign as an Extension of your Coaching Sessions

With a few minor changes, these 18 email templates can be used for any type of coaching business:

  • Business Coaches
  • Personal Coaches
  • Career Coaches
  • Health & Wellness Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Nutrition Coaches

As a busy coach, these templates will save you time and frustration, allowing you to focus your time more effectively on running your coaching business and working with clients.

Just Imagine the Time you’ll Save with these Email Templates!

Use these email templates to offer ongoing SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT, and to keep your clients COMMITTED, MOTIVATED, and ENGAGED. By communicating in this way, you will improve client retention, despite any problems that may develop. Don’t allow your client to get bored or frustrated. Don’t allow your client to quit on you before they complete your Coaching Program. Use these positive reinforcement tools to enhance their commitment to you, and to your Coaching Program.

Successful Coaching requires Effective Communication Tools

Here is what you will receive in the Email Templates for Coaches Package:

  • Email Follow-up Templates for Successful Coaching Sessions (6 emails)
  • Email Follow-up Templates for Problematic Coaching Sessions (4 emails)
  • Autoresponder Email Templates (8 emails)
    • Template 1: Thank You for Signing Up
    • Template 2: Thank You for Opting-In
    • Template 3: Here is Your FREE Gift
    • Template 4: Renewal Notice
    • Template 5: Thank You for Renewing
    • Template 6: Testimonial Request1
    • Template 6: Testimonial Request2
    • Template 8: Thanks for your Testimonial

With the Email Templates for Coaches Package, everything is Done-for-You. Simply upload the emails to your Autoresponder service and you’re done!

New Product Introduction Price… $297.00
Go Here to Learn More or to ORDER NOW!

Regular Price… $350.00

Here is a Sample of the template used for a Problematic Business Coaching Session, with instructions for use. (Click to enlarge.)

Email Template - PROBLEMS

Here is a Sample of the template used for a Successful Business Coaching Session, with instructions for use. (Click to enlarge.)

Email Template - SUCCESS[wp_eStore_fancy:product_id:37:end]

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New Testimonials for SEO Writer Pro

It’s always nice to receive feedback from the folks we write for, especially when they praise us! LOLclient testimonials

Just this week, two of our clients let us know how happy they are with the work we’re doing for them. Their businesses could not be more diverse, nor could the countries they’re from. Yet, both were eager to tell us that the work we sent them was just what they were looking for!

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Work-Life Balance – Who You Are vs. What You Do

I probably spend at least half of my work week, every week, creating fresh copy for health and wellness coaches: including website copy, expert articles, blog posts, eBooks and mini-eBooks. The subjects range from simple nutrition advice and weight loss tips, to more complex subjects like finding a work/life balance.

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5 Star Review for Small Business SEO eBook

Kindle Online Marketing eBook

5.0 out of 5 stars. A Powerful Book on the Topicseo tips for small business

By Amazon Customer “” (Colorado)

This review is from: Creative Marketing Ideas for Online Businesses: with Online Marketing Tips, SEO Tips, Social Media Marketing Tips, Affiliate Market (Kindle Edition) Order Now… Just $4.99

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Website Copywriting Kickstarter Special

website copywriting specialKick Start your New Website Today!

Getting your new website to perform is not easy. It requires fresh copy for your website pages, as well as timely, consistent content for your blog, if you hope to attract the notice of the search engines – not to mention your target audience. The best way to make that impression is to have everything in place when your new website goes live; including Home Page, About Page, and Service Page copy; a Free Opt-in Gift to help you build your list; and 2-3 months’ worth of fresh blog posts.

At SEO Writer Pro, we’re here to help you get your website up and running with creative website copywriting services and compelling blog content when you need it the most – right at the beginning – at a Special Price.

We’ve combined our 2 most popular web copywriting packages into one, to help you save even more!

SEO Writer Pro Website Copywriting Kickstarter Package… $698 (Save $450)

To help you get your website up and running, we offer our Website Copywriting Kickstarter Special, a combination of fully optimized web page content and a series of niche-specific blog posts, created exclusively for your website by a professional, affordable SEO writer.

Our 3-Page Website Copywriting Package includes:
Home Page… $250.00
About Page… $150.00
Services Page… $150.00

Total Web Content Pkg… $550.00
3-Page Copywriting Special… $399.00 – Save $150
1-Hour Phone Consultation included at No Charge
2 Revisions per page included at No Extra Charge
1st Drafts Delivered within 7 days of Phone Consultation
All documents will be delivered in Microsoft Word
+ FREE Opt-in Article at NO CHARGE, to help you build your list

Normally, we offer a package of 10 optimized blog posts, on any subject you choose, for just $450.

Our 10-Pack Blog Post Special includes:

10 Optimized Blog Posts… $450
10-Pack Blog Post Special… $299 – Save $150

  • 10 Optimized Blog Posts
  • Each post of 350-500 words
  • Blog posts with 1-3 keywords each
  • Timely, well-written content for your blog or website
  • Up to 3 months of fresh blog posts ready to go at website launch

1-Hour Phone Consultation included at No Charge
2 Revisions per post included at No Extra Charge
1st Drafts Delivered in a timely fashion
All documents will be delivered in Microsoft Word

FREE with the purchase of the SEO Writer Pro Website Kickstarter Package – a $150 Value

Website Optimization Package includes:

We will optimize the Meta Data for all of your new pages and blog posts – at NO CHARGE.

This includes doing the on-page SEO work on your new website, including all Meta Title, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Tags on every new page and every blog post we crate for you. This will make it far easier for the search engines to find and index your new website, placing you in the search results (SERPs) more quickly.

Total cost of the SEO Writer Pro Website Kickstarter Package… $698 (Save $450)
You save more than $450 compared to our regular price of $1150.

SEO Writer Pro Website Kickstarter Packages are available on a limited basis. Due to time constraints, we are only able offer 10 of these packages at this time – so please – order soon, before we are too busy to help you create the compelling web content you need to make your website jump in the search results.

Read what our clients have to say about our Web Copywriting Services.

Wondering if we can write effectively for your niche? Check out our List of Current Clients here.

To order your SEO Writer Pro Website Kickstarter Package, please visit the SEO Writer Pro Article Store.



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