About Me

I have been writing for personal enjoyment and occasional publication since the early 1990s. I have written one unpublished novel of 120,000 words, just to prove to myself that I could, and have had numerous articles and opinion columns published in a college newspaper. I have written hundreds of papers for college classes, in subjects ranging from philosophy and political science to literary reviews.

For more than two years, I have been working at article writing, blog ghostwriting and re-writing for online writing sites, as well as writing directly for a couple of clients seeking fresh, original online content. These include articles which are heavily SEO researched and targeted. I have had nearly 1000 pieces accepted.

My goal is to expand my knowledge, talents, and abilities, as well as my income, and to continue working for myself.

Professional Experience

I have been in sales since the 1970’s, when I began my career in retail sales. When I moved my family to Colorado in the mid-80s, I became an independent manufacturer’s rep, travelling as many as nine states on a regular basis. I represented a broad range of companies offering a wide variety of products to all sorts of retail clientele, including small independent shops, large chain stores, department and big box stores. I sold to anyone seeking product with a higher than average profit margin, which became a specialty of mine.

Leaving Durango, April 10, 2010.

After a brief return to college in the mid-90s, during which I wrote regularly for the college paper, I returned to retail sales in the mattress business. During that time I wrote a great deal, including the writing of a comprehensive mattress sales manual. I enjoyed myself so much I truly believed I would be working in sleep shops for the rest of my life. However, market forces and the poor economy, as well as unscrupulous practices in the industry, forced me to reevaluate my commitment to that industry.

In 2008, while living and working in Phoenix, AZ, and forced by circumstance to begin commuting by bicycle, I rediscovered my love of cycling. It became a passion for me, to the extent that I have put more than 13,000 miles on my bikes in the last three years and, when I decided to return to Colorado in the spring of 2010, I rode my bike from Phoenix to Denver. What an amazing experience that was. My first-ever bike tour took me nearly 800 miles and was, without doubt, the greatest challenge and adventure of my life.

My rediscovered love of cycling led to a rediscovered love of writing

Entering Colorado, April 7, 2010.

To document “The Ride,” as I like to call it, I began a blog, which I have continued since my successful bike tour. I thoroughly enjoy blogging about bikes and cycling, as well as the ride through life, so to speak.

In the spring of 2010, too late in the season to find employment with a local bike shop, I began my own bicycle business. Since then, I have been rebuilding, hybridizing, and servicing bicycles from home. At the same time, I also began a website to promote the business where we offer our rebuilt bikes for sale, as well as free cycling tips, product reviews, and links to other important cycling sites. I have also recently published a new eBook designed to aid both novice and returning cyclists in overcoming their confusion about what it takes to begin safe, enjoyable cycling these days.

The passion I feel for cycling has led me to share my experiences through writing. This has also led to a rediscovery of an equal passion for writing, which has led to the creation of a second home-based business, SEO Writer Pro.

What I have to offer as an SEO writer

In an effort to better promote my personal blog and business website I soon began to research, study, and employ the techniques and strategies of search engine optimization (SEO). I’ve become very proficient in the practice of SEO and, by combining this knowledge with my love for writing, have begun to build a content writing business.

In nearly a year-and-a-half I have sold just shy of 200 articles via article writing sites, and directly to clients. You can check out some of my writing samples here.

With nearly forty years of broad-based marketing, sales, sales training, and sales management experience under my belt, as well as a couple of decades of writing experience, I believe I have a great deal to offer the online marketer who is struggling to produce powerful, relevant, SEO based content. Proving myself capable of meeting the needs of such online marketers over the last year-and-a-half has only confirmed this belief, while at the same time reinforcing this passion.

I believe the joy of sharing one’s passion can overcome virtually any obstacle and I appreciate the opportunity to help others do the same.


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